Marek Hemmann will flip your depressing musical taste upside down this friday

Marek Hemmann will flip your depressing musical taste upside down this friday

Aug 11, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Music
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This Friday the 13th, We Are E will close their summer in style with a big event in the infamous Studio 80 on Rembrandtsquare. Many people in the Dutch techno scene know We Are E for their (Dutch) talent such as Joey Daniel, Unders, Olivier Weiter, Johanna Mercker and local heroes Rauwkost. But wait, there’s a thrilling surprise added to the line-up of their summer party this Friday…

Marek Hemmann, known from the German techno label Freude Am Tanzen, will be headlining this event! His releases are like his sets: always danceable and filled with big house grooves and cheerful uplifting melodies. His deep bass meets voice fragments, while shakers and percussion carry the rhythm, resulting in a funky kind of minimal techno with plenty of space for other musical elements. In my opinion, he might have composed the most uplifting techno tune of all time, which I memorably discovered last year on a Sunday morning at 11 A.M. while dancing on Melt! festival’s ‘sleepless floor’.

Convinced? No? How ’bout this: in the back room of Studio 80 there will be a pool party, organized especially for this occasion, where cooling down and refreshment is guaranteed. We Are E ask all their visitors to give the concept some extra power by appearing in their most summery outfits. Bathing suits, bath caps and flippers are all allowed. Purple blow up crocodiles on the other hand, are not! Okay, I’ll leave you with an impression of what to expect and one of those flyer thingies, kaboom!

Last year’s pleasant discovery of the track ‘Gemini’ at Melt! festival:

Here’s the full track for ya:

Plus, a video-flyer for We Are E / Welcome to the family:

And one of those traditional flyers:

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