Support your local rock stars: Kensington

Aug 3, 2010 |  by  |  Music
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Nowadays, Dutch pop and rock music charts are mostly dominated by American and British artists. Local talent doesn’t get much support and the big record companies splash all their budgets on the marketing of the extremely teen-friendly and mainstream Idols/X-factor/other-random-stupid talent-show winners; only for them to all fade away as soon as the next TV-season starts.

Is there no talent then? Check out the video of Kensington‘s first single, and decide for yourself. I would pick this kind of music over one of Gordon‘s toy projects, any day of the week! They have recently released their first album, recorded in Leeds, and have the sound and the style to succeed. Very likely to be continued..

Kensington’s websiteKensington’s MyspaceKensington’s album on Spotify

All photos courtesy of Kensington’s website

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