Hip-Hop in the sun with Appelsap and rum

Jul 24, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Once a year, the music stage of the Oosterpark in Amsterdam is turned into Appelsap, a Mecca for hip-hop fans and friends. This one-day outdoor music festival has an awesome vibe and I plan on soaking up the sun, the musical mix of hip-hop, soul, funk and house and applejuice/rum mix drinks. Almost everyone who is someone in the Dutch hip-hop scene is in some way involved in this party, so I’m expecting loads of good stuff. Next Sunday, August 1st, be there!

Location: Oosterpark
Date & Time: August 1st, 12:00-22:00
Entrance: Free
Web: Appelsap homepage, Twitter.

Line-up (set-times are secret, come early!):
Clipse (US)
Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (exclusive new album pre-show)
Rich Medina (US, Dj set)
Viral Radio: Dimlite (CH) (live), Juha & Cinnaman
Reverse, Jeyh & Adje
Kleine Jay & Cartes
La Melodia
Kleine Viezerik
Dj’s SP, Mr. Wix, Vic Crezee, Danny de Funk & Abstract
Hosts Lyrical Tie & Lentini

Check out this cool impression video from 2009 if you’re still not convinced:

Appelsap 2009 (8mm edit) from Woodbuyers on Vimeo.

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