Death by dance: Will you survive Cut Copy?

Jul 8, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Get out your favourite jeans, slip on a dark t-shirt, splash some ice cold water in your face and step outside. It’s summer in the city. Feel the scorching sun in your face. Feel the instant moistening of your armpits. Now run. Run to the end of the street. Run another street. As fast as you can. Run back again. Drop and push twenty. Is your t-shirt wet yet? Run another block. Ignore red lights, dodge the cars. Jump up and down. Gasp for breath. Keep running. Scream your lungs out. RUN!

Now click play.

What you feel now is NOTHING in comparison to the life-threatening cocktail of sweat, heat, excitement, adrenaline and euphoria you are going to experience exactly two weeks from now. The sheer amount of raw dancing energy will make Paradiso burst at its holy seams when the well-known Noodlanding! will be taken over by no other than Melbourne’s finest indiedance band Cut Copy.

As if to make absolutely sure nobody leaves Paradiso alive, Cut Copy will be supported by dance-pop-disco band French Horn Rebellion. Hiding in the small room won’t save you either; your tickets will also give you access to The Golden Filter, upstairs. There’s no escaping. You will meet death by dance.

Cut Copy @ Noodlanding! (link)
July 22nd, Paradiso
Doors: 23.00 – 05.00 hrs
€10,- (includes 1-day membership)

Bonus video, because Overdose loves you:

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